Americans Willing to Take Risks to Defend Allies Against China, Poll Says

Jack Beyrer – OCTOBER 13, 2020 3:45 PM

Americans are overwhelmingly willing to take military risks in defending allies from China, according to a new poll from the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

On a scale of 1 to 10—where 10 means one is willing to take significant risk—the American public averages a score of 6.77 when asked if it would be willing to take risks to defend allies and partners against military threats from China. The countries listed in the poll were Japan, Australia, Taiwan, South Korea, and an unspecified South China Sea partner.

Members of the national security community polled by CSIS scored at an even higher average of 8.24 for the same scenarios.

“We’re seeing a more enduring rivalry, and not one which will shift with a shift in administrations here in the United States,” said Jude Blanchette, chair of China studies at CSIS.

Bonnie Glaser, director of CSIS’s China Power Project, added that the poll’s results reflect growing knowledge among Americans about the threats allies face from China. “It is a function of the growing awareness about Taiwan in the United States,” Glaser said. “This is something that is a major shift we have now seen.”

In recent months, collaboration with allies against China has become a major feature of the Trump administration’s foreign policy. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has rallied transatlantic and Asian allies to form security and economic agreements that either isolate or defend against China.

The results are also indicative of a higher-order view of China’s growing security threat. The poll shows that a majority of Americans—54 percent—see China as the country that poses the greatest challenge to the United States.

Americans also score high for their interest in certain policy priorities to counter the growing Chinese threat, showing high favorability toward both shutting the door to Chinese tech giant Huawei and taking on China for its abuses of human rights.

The shift in views on China among Americans corresponds to a sea change in China strategy from the Trump administration. Breaking with a consensus on economic engagement with China going back decades, the current administration has geared the Pentagon, economic policy, and a renewed commitment to human rights toward standing up to China’s desire to rewrite the rules of the current world order.

Source: Washington Free Beacon “Americans Willing to Take Risks to Defend Allies Against China, Poll Says”

Note: This is Washington Free Beacon’s report I post here for readers’ information. It does not mean that I agree or disagree with the report’ views.

12 Comments on “Americans Willing to Take Risks to Defend Allies Against China, Poll Says”

  1. kommonsense says:

    “Csis poll has weak foundation”— from global times.

    As usual this anti China bonnie Glaser piece of worthless white trash writes deception.

    As usual one has to go to a Chinese website to get the other truthful half of the story.


  2. Simon says:

    ASEAN turned its back on America. When Pompeo delivered his anti China speech telling ASEAN to stand up to China nobody applauded. ASEAN nations all tell America they are an embarrassment and not needed, from failed policy on Covid vaccine distribution, political interference and economic benefit, in all front America fail to deliver.

    Everyone knows America is a big pile of dog mess and the last thing they want is them Yanks go shitting around the world and on their door steps.

    “Yankee Go Home” is the united response. We don’t want your virus, your lies and your shit.


  3. Steve says:

    The questionnaires are purely dogmatic using ‘ China threat, China military threat, defending allies from China (from what?), national security threat and all non existent China threats are purely hogwash.

    Recently, over 70 countries supported China at the UN general assembly regarding HongKong and Xinjiang on human rights issues. These 70 countries would condemned US and allies over human right abuses and illegal military invasion of sovereign countries including genocide, stealing oil in the Middle East, assassinations …… etc.

    Trump and his bandidos are desperate and trigger happy, forcing China to fire the first bullet. Chinese Socialism and CCP is shaking the foundation of US hegemonic democracy and ‘world corrupt leadership.’


  4. johnleecan says:

    Well, the Washington Free Beacon calls American citizens “it”. Now, why wouldn’t we be surprised that American citizens avoid military service. Only those desperate and have nowhere to go, no jobs will be lured into being sacrificial lambs.

    Look at how many American soldiers that have mental and psychological problems. That’s what the Americunt government wants – crazy Americans so they can do what they are told to do even if it is against human rights. Look how American soldiers easily torture and murder innocent people.

    How many times has Trump avoided military service using his money to bribe influential people using fake medical conditions. Now he’s the president, was infected with covid, yet so easily recovered. If he had medical conditions back when he was younger, he wouldn’t recover so fast with covid now. The only plausible explanation is Trump might have resorted to using sympathy tactics by declaring he was infected with covid because of his plummeting poll numbers.

    Liked by 1 person

    • komonsense says:

      My pla friend said that there was no way he could have recovered so fast. It was another one of Trump’s monumental lies. The more I think about it, the only believable part was that he never got infected to begin with.
      1+1 does not equal 3.
      Methinks something’s fishy here…..


      • Steve says:

        American voters turning out in record numbers to dump trump. Trump has to try everything from playing dead, talking dead and living dead. Trump is simply dead. When he is kicked out of office, the Iranians may seek revenge on his family.


  5. Jorge says:

    if this doesn’t wake Chinese public, nothing will.


  6. Steve says:

    What China military threat.? Americans are hoodwinked and indoctrinated by Its own US govt. propaganda machine. China will sink America with its economic and trade pact not military threat. China’s better governance, economic relations, trade pacts, Huawei, Tik Tok, AVIC, science and technology, etc is shaking the foundation of American hegemonic democracy. US has lost all of its competitive edge against China. It’s prejudice and jealousy against Chinese Socialism and CCP.


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