Volley of China’s DF-21D Missiles Kills US Aircraft Carrier at Low Cost

Picture of imagined volley of DF-21Ds at US aircraft carrier battle group

Picture of imagined volley of DF-21Ds at US aircraft carrier battle group

According to a mil.eastday.com article, the US can no longer boast the strong missile defense capabilities of its Aegis destroys in an aircraft carrier battle group. An Aegis destroyer can be armed with only 90 Standard-3 Block1B missile defense missiles that cost $10 million each and $900 million in all. With their maximum interception rate, the defense of all those missiles can be broken by the volley of China’s anti-ship ballistic missiles that cost less than $20 millions in all. As the anti-ship missiles are based on land, their launch system costs much less than an Aegis destroyer that costs $2 billion.

According to previous reports summarized in my posts dated May 20 and February 17, China has 7 anti-ship missile brigades each with the capabilities of launching 24-32 anti-ship ballistic missiles simultaneously. Together, they can attack with the volley of 168 to 224 missiles to sink an entire aircraft carrier battle group. Moreover, they can reload for a second round of volley within hours.

Source: mil.eastday.com “US spends 60 tons of gold but unable to defend China greatest anti-ship ballistic missiles”, mil.huanqiu.com “Rocket Force conducts drill of simultaneous attack with lots of missiles” and Mingpao “Rocket force’s drill to attack aircraft carrier and bombard airfield which, according to experts, aims politically at scaring the US and shocking Taiwan” (summary by Chan Kai Yee based on the reports in Chinese)

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4 Comments on “Volley of China’s DF-21D Missiles Kills US Aircraft Carrier at Low Cost”

  1. […] to $3 4 million, depending on range and guidance. Anti-ship ballistic missiles may cost from $10 to $20 million each. Hitting what amounts to a relatively small target in a big ocean is a challenge, but the odds of […]


  2. Joseph says:

    You are forgetting the fees and the commissions that American defense contractors have to charge. They have to consider lavish parties and gifts for countless American senators, generals and lawmakers. In China, state own companies the industry, under Xi Jinping the CEO would face firing squads if they are talking about profit and commissions. But in America, free private enterprises run the industry, and it’s all about profit. They even run the courts, prisons and execution programs. So in a sense, in their sense, $900 millions is a bargain compared to feeless, commisionless $20 mils. That’s way capitalism is the best system in the world. Who says that one cannot be ‘patriotic’ and make money at the same time?


  3. Steve says:

    Huge difference $900 million to $20 million in all. A ratio of 45 missiles to one, incredible.


    • James says:

      I’m sure defence planners in the Pentagon is working overtime to find ways to mitigate this problem of their CBGs. The Chinese side have to be 5 steps ahead to counter DOD countermeasures like railguns and drone swarms. We live in interesting times.