J-20’s Small Diameter Precision Bomb FT-6 and FT-7

China's homegrown small diameter bomb FT-7

China’s homegrown small diameter bomb FT-7

Bunker busting attack by an FT-7

Bunker busting attack by an FT-7

Chinese website mil.news.sina.com.cn says in its article yesterday that to enable J-20 to carry more air-to-ground ammunition, China has developed small diameter precision bombs with folded or retractable wings to be carried in the limited space of J-20’s internal weapon bay. With GPS/INS integrated guidance, the bomb can hit within 10 meters of its target within its range and extended range of 90 and 130 km. As a result, J-20 can attack its targets out of the range of enemy air defense. In addition, the bomb has bunker busting function.

China is upgrading its FT-7 to enable its warhead to have infrared imaging and millimeter wave integrated terminal guidance so as to significantly enhance its accuracy. The warhead will have two-way data link to enable operator of the bomb to change its course to be more accurate in hitting moving target or to change its target.

Source: mil.news.sina.com.cn “Depth Column: Analysis of J-20’s another major function: Using this type of weapon to solve difficult problem” (summary by Chan Kai Yee based on the article in Chinese)


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